"Artpiece" represents the 14th generation of "Alfenloch" breeding. He has great quality...type, conformation, movement and presence. He is a very intelligent collie with a king-like attitude and a great personality.

"Artpiece" has that "Masterpiece" look through his eye and a real "Full Dress" aura about him.

"Artpiece's" pedigree is extraordinary.His sire"Stand Alone" is inbred 5 times on the exceptional "Masterpiece" x "Thriller" combination. His dam is tightly linebred on "The Mediator" and "The Silver Meteor".

"Artpiece's" pedigree is unique...342x"Full Dress" and 100 x "Gladiator".He is genetically pure for the prepotency of these two great sires.

We look forward to the future of"Artpiece" as a sire. With his exclusive pedigree, we predict he will become a sire of note.

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