Thriller's Pedigree

Am./Can. Ch. Carnwath Thriller

						Am.Ch. Hi Vu The Invader
				Am. Ch. Tartanside The Gladiator		
						Tartanside Tiara
		Am.Ch. Berridale Macdega Mediator 				
						Am. Ch.Glen Hill Star Ridge Stardust
				Am. Ch. Glen Hill Silver Lace		
						Am. Ch. Glen Hill Blue Dress
   Am./Can Ch. Shamont Stormalong						
						Am. Ch. Wickmere Wardance
				Am.Ch.Wickmere Battle Chief		
						Bonnie Dawn Mac Tavish
		Am. Ch. Shamont Sabrina				
						Wickmere Royal Guardsman
				Am. Ch. Wickmere Cottillion		
						Wickmere Tarantella
						Glen Hill Emperor Jones
				Am/Ch. Glen Hill Full Dress		
						Debhill Dainty Doll
		Am. Ch. Ravette's The Silver Meteor				
						Am. Ch. Wesbara Ebony Edition
				Ravette's Pinto Di Blu		
						Ravette's Jessica  Blue
   Am/Can. Ch. Carnwath's Platinum Filagree						
						Am. Ch. Tartanside The Gladiator
				Am. Ch. Berridale Macdega Mediator		
						Am. Ch. Glen Hill Silver Lace
		Baliclare's Che Wink				
						Maury's I'm a Dandy
				Baliclare's Portrait in Smoke		
						Baliclare's Emerald Lace

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